The car was in his way, so Brian Kopciel told it to move. Too bad it was a police car.

Kopciel was cycling on Ocean Avenue last week at approximately 10:30 AM when he encountered a patrol car on Ditmas Avenue blocking the bike lane. A video recorded by Kopciel’s cell phone shows that the cyclist called out for the patrolman to “move back” as he swerved around the car, crossing the intersection as the crosswalk countdown began.

Afterwards, the officer is seen pulling Kopciel over, having followed him immediately after the incident. The Daily News reports that the officer then issued a ticket for approximately $200 for a traffic violation, saying he ran a red light which Kopciel claims was believes was “issued in retaliation” for his actions.

Being a cyclist in New York, or any city, has it’s share of difficulties and it’s a good thing Kopciel had the foresight to start recording his commutes. But hopefully this doesn’t become a necessity for cyclists to protect themselves. We all know what that looks like.

(Photo: ynkefan1/flickr)