These are the architectural drawings to Damien Hirst’s 8,654 square foot shark and sheep pickling area inside his 97,000 square feet complex in the UK’s Dudbridge suburbs. The high security site features its own patrolling guards, a 7-foot-high steel fence with “Keep Out” signs and surveillance cameras. The complex includes its own private art gallery to show off the goods to rich buyers. Meanwhile, neighbors with kids and lungs have been complaining, fearing exposure to carcinogenic formaldehyde. 

No animals are slaughtered on site, but the prep area — withs its freezers, chambers tanks and overhead rails for carcass hauling — resembles a slaughter house, a factory, a science lab… anything but that cute little shot of Hirst’s artist studio being live-streamed on his website.

Speaking of, that slinky new distracting website lets  zoom around his art works. Here’s a close up screen grab. Despite Hirst’s plagiarizing, merchandizing, scheming, mind-numbingly spotty ways, I will still say he’s making art. It’s just damn terrifying how. I know why the shark is screaming. Hold me, Morrissey.