Brooklyn-based street artist Dan Witz recently hit the streets of London, leaving behind a series of haunting faces appearing subtly in doorways and windows, as per his signature style. Brooklyn Street Art has a few fresh images direct from the artist, bringing to mind Witz’s recent collaboration with Amnesty International. The project Action Walls portrayed eight detainees in different countries: Turkey, China, Indonesia, Russia, Bahrain, Guatemala, Iran, and Gambia, seeking to call attention to the voices being silenced by governments all over the world.

Witz — trained realist painter, Cooper Union graduate, vandal — will also be featured in a group show hosted Lazarides Gallery with Vhils, Conor Harrington, Artists Anonymous and others. The show “Bedlam” will take place in the Old Vic Tunnels, a subterranean network located in the Waterloo area of London. “Bedlam,” Group Show, Oct 9 – Oct 21, Old Vic Tunnels, London