You probably know Daniel Libeskind as the architect who beat the competition for the coveted position of master plan designer for the new World Trade cite. You might also know him for the his having designed the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, or the Imperial War Museum in England. What you maybe didn’t know is that Libeskind, like Mary J. Blige and J.Lo, (and also my mom), spent his formative years in the Bronx. Indeed, the Libeskind family was on one of the last immigrant boats from Poland, and Daniel and his Holocaust survivor parents moved to what must have been an extremely exotic neighborhood in the northwest Bronx when Daniel was a kid.

In this short video, commissioned by the Bronx Museum, Libeskind says a little about what his Bronx upbringing meant for him as a future architect and visual artist. “The Bronx taught me about honesty, identity, it taught me about tolerance. It taught me about how to dream about things that are still possible.” Guess he’s still Daniel from the block.