The Datagrove is San Jose, CA’s newest public work featuring luminescent fibers and a text-to-speech module that “aggregates local trending Twitter feeds from San Jose and whispers them back through speakers and LCD displays woven into the Datagrove.” Designed by Jason Kelly Johnson & Nataly Gattegno at Future Cities Lab, the project is part of the Zero1 “Seeking Silicon Valley” Biennal that opened in San Jose and continues through November 15th. By harnessing words captured from Twitter, Datagrove allows otherwise invisible information to manifest itself in the public space.

The installation has the ability to sense and respond to anyone in its immediate vicinity. According to Future Cities Lab, “The Datagrove thrives on information from its urban environment. It renders invisible data and atmospheric phenomena into variable intensities of light and sound.” Which is cool with us, as long as it doesn’t start whispering last night’s sexting escapades for every one to hear.

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