David Lynch’s solo art show featuring new and recent paintings is now open and if you just got a tingle, you should come and see these up close or lookie down here at our photos. Ohh, yes.

Subjective fan-giddiness aside… They’re huge. 400-500lb huge, to accommodate for wires, soaked cardboard, wood, gigantic frames, and the sculptural “mixed media” inside: Boy Lights Fire wears a real little baby shirt (Let’s pretend it’s little David’s), Man Eating has real(ish?) teeth. The color bulbs at an angle, in proximity to the mangled clay faces, make it look like Vegas on acid. Or something else side-showy on something else hallucinogenic. Or not. In any case: Guaranteed the most fun you’ve ever had looking at a head exploded in a suicide!

Lynch’s smooshy fingerprints and all: David Lynch, Mar 6 – Apr 14, Jack Titlon Gallery, NYC (Photos: Marina Galperina/ANIMALNewYork)