David Shrigley Laughs at Chicago’s "Wanky" "Shiny Bean"

Here’s a radio clip of artist David Shrigley delivering a brutal rip to Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago’s Millenium Park. See, Kapoor hates it when you call it “a bean.” It looks like a bean. Ha-ha.

Albeit — “wanky!” — that’s a bit catty, David. How does the young artist primarily known for [viciously hilarious, brilliant] doodling [and sculpture, and being handsome] get off disparagingly making fun of one of the world’s most famous, established, richest, powerful artists? Well, Cloud Gate is a little pretentious. Let’s rename it! “Shiny Bean” isn’t better, but it’s more accurate, so…

Steel Kidney? Silver Slug? Mercury Turd? Anyone?