shrigleyDavid Shrigley is a fucked up gentleman in the most wonderful way and frankly, I’m obsessed with him. He’s really an artist, but it all bleeds into genres of animation and books and his big upcoming solo show at the Hayward Gallery is better previewed by this trailer.

There’s some choice sculptures below too, but first, watch him talk about his style is really not style at all but rather “the desire not to have a style” and his inspirations are really just adverse reaction to “banal pop culture.” Everything is just a little too clever to be disturbing, but people┬áreally are dismal, a little hopeful, but miserable, and then they sort of live, kill, try to make art, shit, die, I know, I know, and it really it feels like David knows who I am and what I want. Ooh, he got a haircut too. Look at him, he’s all shy and stuff. Sigh-h-h. “Brian Activity,” David Shrigley, Feb 1 – May 13, Hayward Gallery, London