David Shrigley’s Billboard at The High Line Isn’t Very Cheerful

04.09.12 Marina Galperina

“How are you feeling?” David Shrigley asks from his billboard by the High Line at West 18th. Not so good, apparently. The artist for whom I hold an unprofessional level of admiration erected a monument to universal bad feelings. Who isn’t “insecure” and “trapped,” right?

There are two primary ways to experience this piece as you stroll down the elevated park path: (1) Recognizing the artist or tuning into his wavelength instantly in a sort of a “Ah! Ha… Ha-ha” empathy-for-everyone moment or (2) Not, and feeling terrible.

Shrigley’s existential void antidote billboard by the Hayward Gallery in London (for his solo show) is a lot more cheerful. David Shrigley, How Are You Feeling?, Apr 5 – May 7, next to the High Line at West 18th Street

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(Image: @Blake Gonpink)