“How are you feeling?” David Shrigley asks from his billboard by the High Line at West 18th. Not so good, apparently. The artist for whom I hold an unprofessional level of admiration erected a monument to universal bad feelings. Who isn’t “insecure” and “trapped,” right?

There are two primary ways to experience this piece as you stroll down the elevated park path: (1) Recognizing the artist or tuning into his wavelength instantly in a sort of a “Ah! Ha… Ha-ha” empathy-for-everyone moment or (2) Not, and feeling terrible.

Shrigley’s existential void antidote billboard by the Hayward Gallery in London (for his solo show) is a lot more cheerful. David Shrigley, How Are You Feeling?, Apr 5 – May 7, next to the High Line at West 18th Street

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(Image: @Blake Gonpink)