South Korean custom officials have confiscated thousands of capsules stuffed with 99.7% crushed dead babies. The pills sell as alternative medicine “cure-all” and “stamina” uppers. That’s right, aborted and still-born babies — refrigerated, microwave dried, pummeled into powder, sold on the Internet to clear coughs and strengthen erections or whatnot. Grisly.

Where are they coming from? China, where hospitals and abortion clinics are allegedly selling off the tiny corpses to drug companies. With 13 million abortions performed a year, there’s certainly a wealth of resources.¬†Soylent baby greens anyone?

Oh, what? Are we being morbid? Good. Hopefully, this disgusting little story and the recent dramatic, action-hero-style escape of blind human rights activist¬†Chen Guangcheng will draw attention to the fact that China’s one child policy is inhuman violation of women’s rights, forcing 38% of women of child bearing age into sterilization. And don’t forget the “dying rooms” where extra little kids are left to croak.