Yesterday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was set to sign a bill that would require all pedicab drivers to follow the same system for determining rates, and to publicly post a sign showing what those rates are. But after hearing a few complaints from pedicab drivers at the bill-signing, Bloomberg backed off, saying he wanted to “think about it a little bit.”

I admit I don’t fully understand the complaints made by the drivers, and I personally believe standardized fares would be a good thing–it’s remarkable that the usually resolute Bloomberg would balk on a bill he’d planned to sign after hearing some citizen complaints at a public event, especially since he’s shown in the past that he’s not afraid of extending regulations.

The NYP seethed, naturally. It’s funny to see its usual small-government zeal buck up against its impassioned hatred of bikes; in this case, bike-hate won out. “But no one should have to worry that they’ll be taken for a ride when they’re taken for a ride — or have to call the cops for help when they venture near Midtown,” went a Post editorial. “That’s why laws exist.”

(Photo: Elvert Barnes/Flickr)