Demonic, Pagan Mural Upsets Little Italy Church Goers

A proposed mural by street artist Tristan Eaton has the old timers in Little Italy in a huff. “That’s not going up in my courtyard,” says Father Fabian Grifone of the not-at-all morbidly-named Most Precious Blood Church. “It looks like an accident of nature. It has nothing to do with the Catholic religion or Italians. It looks like pagan art.”

The mural of the boy and his metaphorical animal parts — tiger’s courage, etc. — is slated to go up on Memorial weekend, on Mulberry Street. The street artist is donating the mural to the city to help “inject” a younger, hipper vibe into the neighborhood, because young, hip people love murals, haven’t you heard? Also, Satanism. Obviously.

“I see tiger’s teeth in the crotch — that’s dangerous,” a retired jeweler concludes. “It looks like Armageddon. This is the devil.”