This is what happened when artist Jen Dunlap decided to make 100 paintings in 24 hours. Well, several close spurts adding up to 24 hours. See, she went a little crazy. That’s a self-portrait right there, influenced by Saturn Devouring His Son. ANIMAL dropped by her impromptu show at the former Camel Art Space. She’d calmed down by then.

Much of this is dream imagery, as you’d imagine. There’s one inspired by Vermeer. There’s one of a worm perched eating or violating a tooth and something entitled “dick salad” which is a dick salad. There are ribs. And pyramids. And the occult. And collages of finely detailed penciled eyes and smeared acrylic flesh and watercolor teeth. Oh, this one’s fun.

Jen Dunlap also art directed the recent run of Death of a Salesman and a Cazwell + Peaches video, oh my.