Congressman Peter King, a polarizing politician who holds hearings on Islamic terrorism despite having ties to a known terrorist organization, may have run afoul of federal policy by posting footage to YouTube of himself accompanying a “fugitive task force” on an arrest of a suspect in Brooklyn. It appears to have been shot for reality TV show “Manhunters.” After Talking Points Memo inquired about the clip, the New York Republican ended up pulling it and replacING the video with a more edited version.

This might explain why. TPM reports:

“King’s accompanying camera crew may not fit the traditional definition of “press,” but a Justice Department policy written long before handheld video devices and YouTube banned media ride-alongs during search and arrest warrant raids.”

Defense lawyer Bruce Barket sees other potential problems:

“Why was he wearing a police coat and a badge?” he said. “I’m just searching for a legitimate reason why he’d be wearing a badge and a coat like that. If you did it, you’d be arrested for impersonating a police officer.”