Digging Detroit: Touring 7 Mile With Soe Boy Chaz

12.18.12 Bucky Turco & Aymann Ismail

While in Detroit recently with ANIMAL video editor Aymann Ismail, I put out a tweet announcing our arrival with the hopes of getting the most important thing and an authentic glimpse of the city. I was connected to rapper Soe Boy Chaz. He agreed to pick us up and take us around while we filmed. At about 9pm, a green Crown Victoria with giant rims and a bumping sound system pulled up. It was him. We introduced ourselves, mic’d him up and started rolling.

Soe Boy told us it was his 20th birthday and that he’s still recovering from a night out. Within minutes of being in the car, hip hop station Hot 107.5 started playing a track from his just dropped Loud Boy & Cain mixtape (download it here). And for him that’s a good thing, since it’s not often that Detroit radio stations play music from Detroit rapper (unless it’s Eminem). “I feel kinda offended when everyday you wake up and you cut on the radio in Detroit and you’re hearing music from Atlanta and music from New York… Yeah, that’s cool, but where is the Detroit shit at?” he asks rhetorically.

Soe Boy Chaz goes on to explain how rappers like Eminem and Proof helped put “the D” on the map and got people to start paying attention to hip hop coming out of their hood, which is not all that far from where Marshall Mathers grew up. “Everybody know Eminem, everybody know 8 mile. Right now we’re approaching 7 Mile. One mile down, one mile worst,” jokes Soe Boy.

Be sure to watch the candid video above to hear Soe Boy Chaz break down the ranking of the other “Mile” neighborhoods.