Okay, so I know that the idea of a bunch of skinny little artsy types competing in a basketball tournament—complete with team jerseys and a handmade “trophy”—seems pretty annoying. But bear with me, because this teaser trailer for the first ever August Madness might actually get you excited for, like, sports. Or at least for skinny visual artists and musicians clamoring all over each other in a viscous attempt for the (probably really splintery) symbol of success. The pale, bespectacled cheerleaders are like icing on the cake.

The arts spaces that had teams in the competition were , Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, Death By Audio, Flux Factory, Le Wallet, Roulette, Secret Project Robot, Silent Barn, and Shea Stadium. It goes against my journalistic integrity to admit bias, but I gotta say LET’S GO SHEA, ’cause I have some friends in that house.