There are plenty of fun, productive ways to spend the holiday season, whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, or anywhere in between. Hopefully none of them involves filling a glass bottle with gasoline, inserting a kerosene-soaked piece of cloth, and tossing it into your friendly neighborhood corner bodega. That is a very bad idea.

Unfortunately, that’s just what an unnamed man decided to do in the Bronx this past Christmas morning, throwing a cocktail into Laconia Avenue Discount Candy and Tobacco¬†. However, an intrepid employee spotted the makeshift grenade and was able to kick it outside the store before it exploded. It then went off against a car on the sidewalk, apparently injuring no one.

“He did a good job. If the bottle had broken the fire would have been out of control,” said bodega manager¬†Fateh Nagi. “Thank God everything was saved.”

(Photo: ruminatrix/Flickr)