Oh hey, look, someone took a bunch of pow-pow bang-bang movies and extracted all those final lines those-who-are-bought-to-get-their-heads-blown-off hear before their heads get blown off. Nifty!

“Get off my plane!” “Dodge this!” “Say ‘hello’ to my little friend!” And so forth. And so on. They cut after each one-liner just before the kill, but generously compile them at the end in all their head-exploding, gut-busting, heavy-object-smashing, bullet-riddled glory, lest you bloodthirsty freaks are left with blue balls.

Ah, supercuts, so many many supercuts. There’s one for everything. Film threats. Sit down, shut ups. Face punching.

Did you see the one we made of Russian dash-cam crashes? Some good face punching there too. Ace.