In the wake of the public shaming and punishment of horrible Hurricane Sandy troll @ComfortablySmug, there’s certain Twitter etiquette that needs to be urgently addressed. Granted, human beings that spread false information to purposely compromise a network fielding help during a crisis situation are rare, but that doesn’t mean you should go all clickity-click on the RT button before you check that the article you think you’re passing around is actually legit.

F.A.T. artists to the rescue! Fake url trolling can be educational public service for the internet masses. It’s also incredibly easy to do. Just type out a fake link that appears real, long style (see above example), say whatever you want and Tweet away. Then see ’em get hooked and vigorously RT you, not even caring that the “link” gives them a 404 page. Sigh.

Just use it for merriment, social commentary and light lulz, not chaos and disorder. Be a teacher. Don’t be an asshole.