Don't Watch Snuff Films With Your Friends

03.26.12 Marina Galperina

snuffTom’s marriage is in a rut, his job sucks and his childhood best friend Dan is a weirdo. Dan also has this videotape he’d like him to see. Why don’t you guess what’s on it. This movie is called Gut and it was just accepted to a film festival in Norway (uh-oh). 

First, let’s first give the ACTING!!! some slack. “What am I supposed to tell my wife!” I know. I know.

Now let’s list off the obvious comparisons, without having seen the film: Videodrome for the mysterious is-it-real, where-did-it-come-from torture tapes; Chuck and Buck for the awkward childhood friend who has your terrible secret. Seems like a winningly horrifying combo, and we haven’t even gotten to the slicy parts. Tom looks unsettled. Let’s keep an eye on this one and start a betting pool on what’s on the tape. My money’s on necrophilia, because this is horror after A Serbian Film so what else are you going to do?