The prolific, hard-to-read signage and painted curbs just isn’t cutting it when it comes to informing New Yorkers about where to park to avoid the parking police, so the Department of Transportation is ON IT. With…a confusing website.

Today, City Councilman James Vacca said in a statement that the “city’s parking regulations can be as difficult to understand as morse code,” which most drivers already know.

So they released a map, which, once you get used to it, does inform of you the parking regulations for a particular location.

The funny thing about the map is all of the additional information. Last Resurfaced and the Street Assessment Rating? Really? Just look at the street. See potholes? It probably sucks.

The administrative boundaries map, including police, fire, congressional and school districts is informative.
And Parking Signs is actually helpful if you’re driving and don’t know the neighborhood you’re in. But won’t this just lead to more people using phones while driving?