Dr. Lucky, Ph.D., dances burlesque. She also teaches at NYU. The doctorate is real, thank you very much, though it makes for a pretty great stage name, too (the good doctor winkingly refers to herself as “Ph(Double)D” on her website).

Because nothing goes together like pasties and the proletariat, Lucky is bringing her latest show, a burlesque adaptation of Marxist thinker Guy Debord’s seminal text The Society of Specatcle, to the Coney Island Museum later this month. The show will feature dancers strutting around to themes of “technology, robots, and voyeurism — being caged and removed from humanity,” according to Lucky, and will include a number based on a real-life ballroom-dancing robot.

Lucky has no qualms about representing such high-minded material through her artform of choice, and why should she? “To me it made absolute sense,” she told the Brooklyn Paper. “Burlesque is very over the top and I thought it would fit in very well with the text.”

“It’s about how all we do now is key into this spectacle, a very Marxist approach about how we’re being disenfranchised form our own humanity,” she said. “And I thought it would be interesting to look at that face on.”

The doctor’s performance goes down at 9 p.m. August 23, and is the latest installment in the Coney Island Museum’s “Surrealist Burlesque” series–which included a sultry rendition of Orwell’s Animal Farm entitled “Animal Funhouse” last year, natch.

(Photo: M.V. Jantzen/Flickr)