Falling asleep on the subway is a nearly-universal experience. Each of us, at some point or another, has let her chin sink into her neck, has acquiesced to the unbearable weight of her eyelids, has maybe leaned her face on a stranger’s shoulder. In their video, “Christine’s Dream,” Johnny Maroney, Elena Bily, and Mic Becker bring a subway dream to film. In the lulling, almost meditative video, a train pulls into a station in Brooklyn, and as it starts to creep out, sleep—or at least a deep dream—takes over. The result is six minutes of some kind of ethereal choreography with an umbrella, soft, ballooning clouds, and only the occasional metal track or Brooklyn Bridge to remind you we’re still on the train. It’s not obviously a good dream or a bad dream—it’s both weirdly soothing and haunting. When the film is over, when the train is pulling into the next station, I almost checked my desk for drool.