The New York Post reports four 9mm guns and two bulletproof vests are among the items that have been stolen from police officer lockers at the station house on East 5th Street. Sunday saw the most recent in a string of gun thefts, the first of which occurred in February of this year.

Internal Affairs investigators suspect an inside job, as the lockers are on the seventh floor of the building; at least 180 people work in the precinct. For their part, some 9th Precinct officers cast blame on the IAB. Said one Post source, “Whoever is doing this is pretty ballsy. I can’t believe the department, especially the Internal Affairs Bureau, isn’t taking this more seriously. Suppose those guns end up in the wrong hands? Imagine if one of these guns ends up being used on a cop.”

The source also indicated the brazen thief would have had an easy time opening the lockers: “If you just bang on the lockers, they pop open.”
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)