Come Eat These Art Wieners

Update: Moved to December 16th because of Sandy.

Do fancy artsy galas leave you feeling empty? Do you tote around a void that needs to be filled at the usual weekly gallery shuffle? More importantly, are there not enough WIENERS in your art life? Well… You’re in luck.

Art Fag City’s new fundraiser Wienerfest will fill that void with signature Art Fag City art-dogs. Here’s your super sneak peak at the menu, specially created by artist and chef Jay Batlle:

The pull pork pig fucker dog (Paul McCarthy): Pulled pork, BBq sauce, simple bun, paper towels.

The jalapeño balloon dog (Jeff Koons): Dog in the shape of a Koons dog (toothpick and meat glue), jalapeños, shredded cheese, top sliced bun on pink paper trays.

The color field dog (Agnes Martin): Dog split down middle, line of ketchup, line of mustard, standard bun, maybe some chopped onions… on white paper trays.

So, come for that. Also, Michael Mahalchick is working on some vagina dogs. Meanwhile, it’s beer, art, an awesome raffle and endless dick jokes. Seriously.

Like Art Fag City Rob Pruitt Art Awards last February, they do it to it their own way. “This November, our Wienerfest is the dirtier, DIY version of celebrity chef Jennifer Rubell’s interactive bacchanal for the Brooklyn Museum,” Art Fag City editorial director Paddy Johnson tells ANIMAL. “We’re not doing anything tasteful here — if anything we’ve erred on the side of obscenity.” Get your tix.

And now, some porn. (NSFW)