Ready for ’90s overload? Check out Sarah Assbring of solo project El Perro Del Mar in her freshly-dropped for “Walk On By” off her upcoming album “Pale Fire.” Inspired by dir. Jennie Livingston’s seminal 1990 doc Paris Is Burning, the track kicks off with her quoting drag artist Dorien Corey’s line: “Solitude’s my best friend, the one who sees me cry. Tells me I will never need another man to keep my head up and walk on by.”

Paris is Burning is often referred to as a chronicle of  “Golden Age” of New York City drag balls, before Madonna ever jacked its vogue. Represent.

El Perro Del Mar ups the ’90s a notch by sprinkling in lyrics from Massive Attack’s Unfinished Sympathy. Add a healthy dose of Pepto-Bismol pink, oversized pajamas beautiful enough to make Boy George jealous, Annie Lennox-esque do and make up and the hypnotizing glitchy neon TV visuals like it’s 1985 plus the entrancing vocals… And the lack of contextual variety in the video becomes more than bearable.