El Poblano Farm in Staten Island Wants to Make Your Burrito Taste Better

According to people not from here, like me, New York City, one of the primary food meccas of the world, just can’t get Mexican food right. Ask anyone from California: that’s just not what a burrito is supposed to taste like, tortas can be so much more interesting than that. Well, for those whiney transplants and the uninitiated alike, Staten Island’s El Poblano Farm is here to help. The farm, which shares its name with the citizens of Puebla, Mexico, is on a mission to cultivate those authentic Mexican herbs that add that certain je ne sais quoi—or, more accurately, that no sé lo que—to guacamole to make it spicy-crisp-sweet or to tostadas to make them more than an open-face taco. And they’re launching a Kickstarter campaign to keep the mission alive.

Established in 2010 by Gudelio Garcia, a Poblano himself, the farm has done pretty well for itself, expanding from one acre in Staten Island to ten in Jersey. This modest Kickstarter project is an effort to start the farm’s first seed bank, so the workers will always have epazote and papalo close at hand, and to peddle their nuanced flavors to more New York City farmers’ markets. I think we can all get behind this project. What’s good for New York City’s Mexican food is good for New Yorkers.