New York City’s second tallest building is gearing up for an announcement of a new LED exterior lighting design. As part of a complete overhaul of their energy efficiency programs, the Empire State Building is replacing the 400 exterior fluorescent lamps with 1,200 LED lights, which will provide dozens more colors and patterns, and the ability to animate the lights. For example, “When the Yankees win the pennant, we can put pinstripes on one side of the building and solid blue on the other,” says Jeff Campbell, director of architectural products for Philips Color Kinetics, the company making the LEDs. If images of Atlantic City’s Harrah’s casino are flashing through your head, don’t worry: “We’ll maintain the traditional iconic international recognition that the Empire State Building has,” says Anthony E. Malkin, the president of an affiliate of the company that owns the building. Whatever. All I know is I can’t wait for Christmas. (Photo: Dennis Wilkinson/Flickr)