Need we say more? Though my personal memories of playing musical chairs as a young’n generally involve a vague sense of dread about being the first one out followed by a very acute sense of humiliation as I inevitably was, maybe yours are a little rosier! The game goes down at 8 P.M. on Wednesday, June 20th, and will include some 400 players. If you’re interested, be sure to pre-register here.

Not to be outdone by last week’s giant game of truth or dare in Washington Square Park, Midtown’s Bryant Park is hosting the game to mark its 20th anniversary. The winner will have his or her name engraved on one of the park’s chairs, and first runner up will receive a $50 gift certificate to the Bryant Park Grill. Everyone else gets t-shirts, but the real prize is getting to relive some (cheery, I hope) childhood memories for two hours on a Monday night.

(Photo: Cerfon/Flickr)