Oh, look. It’s another “world in a day” art projects. We’ve had Kevin MacDonald’s Life in a Day, a crowdsourced documentary of a day around the world, Ron Howard’s Canon project, not to mention “day in a life” photo series riddling Tumblr like a derivative plague. And now, what’s this?

Montblanc — a luxury swiss watch company, appropriately — have launched a project titled WorldsecondIt will attempt to document the same moment “everywhere” in the world via your smart phone snap. The company has created an app for IOS and Android specifically for the attempt. It will ensure that every photo is being taken at precisely the same moment. A countdown timer will remind the users of the precise time and once it hits 0, the phone will automatically grab the shot. Better frame fast! Hopefully they won’t end up with too many pocket/ass shots.

(Image: PetaPixel.com)