The U.S. Air Force has amassed so much drone surveillance footage so quickly that it’s having trouble finding the manpower to watch and analyze it all, and has turned to an unusual partner for help: the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.

Last year, the Air Force took 327,384 hours of drone surveillance footage, an amount that could “drown” the force in data, according to retired lieutenant general David Deptula. To cope, they turned to the sports network for tips on how to keep up. And an Air Force spokesman said that though no technological breakthroughs were made, the visit “helped in developing training and expertise.”

Ultimately the force would like to be able to automate the monitoring of drone footage, so that it can be analyzed without expending any human effort. “You can’t catch bad guys unless you know where they are and what they’re doing,” said Deptula.

(Photo: Wikipedia)