“For newcomers to the city, New York’s marijuana ecosystem can be confusing,” writes Aaron Marks on NYU student blog NYU Local. “The familiar transaction of travelling to a dealer’s home to pick up pot, while not completely absent in New York, is largely replaced my more convenient, innovative, and, well, New York-y methods of exchange.”

So begins a short NYC weed-buying tutorial, presumably aimed at the swarms of NYU freshmen who descended on Greenwich Village earlier this month. Without going into any specifics, the piece touches on dealers who deliver, the dispensary coming to Montclair, NJ–an awfully long way to go for weed–and the mythical weed-slangin’ bodega.

Our buddies Kush and Dro, co-captains of the weed van, also get pointed to as potential sources. The tutorial insinuates that if you can’t buy weed from the van, at least the pair’s trademark pot lollipops might get you high. Good luck with that.