Eyebeam Art+Technology Center on Its Way to Recovery
After Hurricane Damage

11.05.12 Marina Galperina

With massive flooding in Chelsea, one of our favorite institutions Eyebeam Art+Technology Center was flooded with water and saw damage to art gallery space and facilities. ANIMAL’s Aymann Ismail toured the center to find gutted rooms, upturned furniture, destroyed offices, an endangered archive and worried staff.

I checked in with Eyebeam’s communications director Amna Siddiqui today and she’s happy to report that with at least 15 volunteers helping out each day since Friday, there has been a lot of progress. The electricity is back on. The walls are being restored. Several specialists, some from the MoMA, have helped out and Eyebeam’s archives of CDs, disc drives and VHS tapes spanning 15 years are safe. The damage has been substantial, but things are looking up as Eyebeam and other galleries in the  neighborhood are slowly rebuilding.

Eyebeam has hosted some of the most exciting shows in Chelsea, including work from artists like ANIMAL favorites F.A.T. lab — their upcoming F.A.T. GOLD: Five Years of Free Art & Technology show at Eyebeam has been postponed until March. Eyebeam hosts 20 resident artists and research fellows a year and is one of NY’s premiere spaces for tech art, like the Cloud experimental documentary project from Jonathan Minard and James George (see video below). Eyebeam OpenLab was the birthplace Graffiti Research Lab.

If you want to volunteer to help out, please contact Marko@eyebeam.com. (Lead video: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)