A few weeks back, Lil Wayne stirred up some “controversy” by telling MTV he doesn’t like New York, a position that likely stemmed from his 2007 gun arrest in the city and the shenanigans surrounding Nicki Minaj’s non-appearance at SummerJam earlier this year. Immediately thereafter, a state politician threw his hat into the ring, demanding a public apology from the rapper. Now, NYC rapper Fabolous is dragging out the dead horse and beating it with his new track “So NY.” The chorus– “I’m so New York, Weezy probably doesn’t like me” –blatantly calls out Wayne, and there are some subtle darts about gun charges and things as well. Fab also sorta hates on Jay-Z for repping Paris harder than New York, and Diddy for hanging out in L.A. too much, or something. Listen below.

(Image: Raj Taneja/Flickr)