Everyone loves famous people cameos in movies, but we like it more when they play themselves. We also like supercuts. Obviously. TA-DA! Here is ANIMAL’s second original supercut: Famous People Playing Themselves!

1. John Malkovich- Being John Malkovich
2. David Hasselhoff- Sponge Bob Square Pants
3. Neil Patrick Harris- Harold and Kumar Go To While Castle
4. Dr. Phil and Shaquille O’Neal- Scary Movie 4
5. Kurt Vonnegut- Back To School
6. Brett Favre- There’s Something About Mary
7. Neil Diamond- Saving Silverman
8. Bill Murray- Zombieland
9. Mike Tyson- The Hangover
10. Kareem Abdul Jabbar- Airplane
11. Elisabeth Shue- Hamlet 2
12. Ray Romano and Eminem- Funny People
13. Lars Ulrich- Get Him To The Greek
14. Ryan Seacrest- Knocked Up
15. Bruce Willis- What Just Happened
16. Bob Barker- Happy Gilmore
17. Stan Lee- Mallrats
18. David Bowie- Zoolander
19. Elton John- Spice World
20. Chuck Norris- Dodgeball
21. Steven Spielberg- Austin Powers In Goldmember
22. Marshall Mcluhan- Annie Hall
23. Bruce Springsteen- High Fidelity

(Video edit: Irina Dvalidze/ANIMALNewYork)

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