Support is growing for a group of Facebook activists who are calling for the city to change the name of Brooklyn Heights’ Squibb Park to Adam Yauch Park in tribute to Beastie Boys founder MCA. The group, which is reported to have upwards 450 Facebook “likes” on Facebook, will face opposition from those Brooklyn members who want to continue to honor pharmaceutical innovator Dr. Edward Robinson Squibb, for whom the park is currently named.
“Honoring an emcee is catchy and interesting, but Brooklyn has a long history as an innovator in the pharmaceutical industry. That may not sound sexy, but it’s pretty significant in all of our lives.” said Julia Golia, a public historian at the Brooklyn Historical Society. Squibb’s first laboratory opened over 100 years ago on the site where the park now sits.
Rob Perris, district manager of Community Board 2, agreed: “While it may be appropriate to honor Brooklyn Heights native son Adam Yauch, renaming Squibb Park may not be the right opportunity.”
“Pharmaceuticals?” said Adam Yauch Park supporter Brad Buehring, “Doesn’t seem as important as what MCA contributed to the world.” Seems a weird position to take in light of Yauch’s death from, you know, cancer. (Photo: DUMBO NYC/Flickr)