Five Things: Sweet Gifts, Video Cafe

05.16.12 Laura Perlongo & Blaise Cepis

First things first: what is Five Things?

Five things about Five Things:

1. It’s a trivial fact-finding mission to a local establishment.

2. It’s a collection of arbitrary knowledge about small businesses.

3. One visit. Five things.

4. There will never be more than one thing in one thing in Five Things.

5. These rules are totally arbitrary and we may change them arbitrarily.

Found it: 697 Ninth Avenue (corner of 48 and 9th)

Curb appeal: Candy? Candy!

Inside: Manger Angel Munoz, pictured above. Doesn’t like candy.

1. Lots of candy. Lots of foreign films. Some other movies. (No porn.)

2. Vanilla clodhoppers and clodhoppers vanilla both avails. Choose wisely.

3. Balloon Buddies living the American Dream.

4. Salted cashews pose as candy, fool no one.

5. These bags certainly feel cool.

Bonus: For a verbal list of available candy and a chance to be one of the first 100 people to see a video on YouTube, watch this 14-minute independent film:

Stay tuned for five more things in seven more days.