So, you just heard that Zuckerburg bought your beloved Instagram for a billion dollars, presumably so that the FBI, DEA and ICE can inspect your Amoro filtered pictures of “cocaine” “clouds” or whatever. You’re thinking of jumping ship, but you want to download your photos first.

Don’t panic.

Here’re some options. Seriously, it’s no biggie. You can handle it.

1) Autosave all your Instagram photos to Dropbox with IFTTT.
2) Too hard? Use Instaport. Here’s some help even.
3) Aw, still too hard? You can email yourself a link of each photo. One by one. Then save. One by one. Chop chop.
4) What now, Luddite? Did you get that smartphone for Father’s Day? Get out your Leica and tripod and take actual photographs of the screen. Wait until your film develops while you listen to big band records on your gramophone.
5) Wait until you accidentally accept Zuckerburg’s prompt later today and all your Instagram photos are automatically synced into your public Facebook Timeline, even if you were totally planning for that cocaine cloud to stay on your iPhone. Uh-oh.

(Image: Me/Instagram)