ANIMAL editor Bucky Turco took to downtown Manhattan today to see how neighbors were helping each other out in the powerless zone. In addition to an emergency ATM set up at Union Square by Chase Bank, he found charities, businesses, and individual citizens doing what they could to assist one another.

Relief organization Operation Blessing hands out Huggies, Band-Aids, food and other essentials to a line of 150-plus Lower East Siders that started on Stanton Street and stretched around the block to Pitt.

JetBlue, Mexico Boulevard, and Sweetery NYC dole out free grub to hungry New Yorkers on 7th Street and Avenue A. All food was paid for by the airline.

Con Ed hands out dry ice at Union Square to people who were left without refrigerators when downtown lost power (which should be back by tomorrow). “Do not touch this ice with your hands, it will burn you,” one Con Ed employee could be overheard saying, adding, “Only one bag of pellets…only one bag. That’s all you get.”

Guardian Data Destruction operates a free cell phone-charging station for powerless New Yorkers, at Union Square East.