Three years ago, Daniel Mustard was homeless and alcoholic, living and busking in Washington Square Park. Now, he’s clean, off the streets, and prepping his new Kickstarter-funded EP, Fragments of Bone. In 2009, a video of Mustard performing a raw-throated rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep” on The Opie and Anthony Show went viral, and since then, he’s amassed an international fanbase, gotten into the studio, and begun playing venues around the city.

Mustard’s music evokes a certain strain of dorm- and barroom-friendly acoustic rock that will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s been on a college campus in the last 10 years. His greatest musical asset by far is his expressive, Louis Armstrong-tinged voice.

As rewards for funding the EP, Mustard is offering a variety of participatory experiences, including a personal performance via Skype and a “homeless walking tour of lower Manhattan. The record will feature original material as well as a “cover that you’ve heard before.”

To hear Mustard tell it, it was “an impossibly unlikely chain of events” that got him here. The details of his personal life available online are scant, but I can only hope his story of homelessness and alcoholism to recovery and internet fame continues in a positive way.