In 1983, Stanislov Petrov was the on-duty officer at the command center of Russia’s Oko nuclear early-warning system. One night in September, the system falsely reported that a nuclear missile was on its way from the United States, an event which, according to protocol, may have caused the Soviet Union to launch a nuclear counter-attack on the U.S. Petrov had the foresight to recognize that the alarm was false, and neglected to report the incoming missile warning.

Now, a new documentary hopes to chronicle the life and work of The Man Who Saved the World. And while Petrov’s story is compelling on its own, the film also carries a worthwhile political message. “We would like to see this film play a meaningful role in the growing debate over nuclear elimination,” write the filmmakers on Kickstarter. “Our hope is that by bringing to life the true story of Stanislav Petrov, we can remind the world of the ongoing threat of nuclear weapons. It is our ambition to combine the truth of the documentary with the artistic, visual language of a feature film.”

At the time of this writing, The Man Who Saved the World has raised $16,286 of its $60,000 goal, with 28 days of fundraising left.

(Photo: Kickstarter)