“Yes. I’m considering the possibility,” says Martin Scorsese when asked whether the Frank Sinatra biopic he’s going to be working on eventually will be in 3D. Oh, and remember how he said that Taxi Driver should have been in 3D? Geh. So what does that mean?

For some ahem mysterious reason ahem, Scorsese’s into this 3D thing. This latest comment is a prophecy. Soon, that will be the norm of the medium… because there really is no need for Ol’ Blue Eyes to be popping out at you unless “this 3D thing” is the norm of the medium. That is not to say that Werner Herzog and Win Wenders haven’t done some good, good 3D. That is to say, however — game over. So long, 2D. Time to pack in your purist complaints, everyone. From now on, every general anti-3D comment shall now sound like an old man rant. Unless, of course, you’ve got an astigmatism. Then, rant away.