“For such a creative and light-hearted industry, art catches a stuffy stigma,” says artist Keith Jensen. He has vowed not to sell any art for one full year, and is instead leaving pieces of original artwork around the city for admirers to pick up for free. “FREE ART: If having this art will make your day better, then it’s yours,” read the signs left with the whimsical paintings.

So far, Jensen has left two pieces for New Yorkers to stumble upon, both in lower Manhattan. Future free art pieces can be tracked through his Twitter, so if you really want a painting of Paul McCartney’s head opening up, you’ll know where to check and when.

This is a really sweet idea. But maybe it’s worth pointing out that the art is just…not that good. I am, though, totally willing to look past that fact: this dude is just trying to do a nice thing for New York. “It’s time to make strangers’ day just a little better,” says Jensen.