This past Saturday, Urban Spaces organizer, Joann Kim Nunez, generously donated ANIMAL a booth at Brooklyn’s Dekalb Market . So what did we do with our 10′ x 6′ space?  Oh we just gave away some money. Sort of.

A few months back, ANIMAL founder Bucky Turco covered a story informing New Yorkers of an opportunity to reclaim money from the $11 billion pile that the Office of the New York State Comptroller is holding “in trust from banks, stock dividends, security deposits–even cell phone companies.” If you visit the Comptroller’s Unclaimed Funds website, you too can check to see if anything’s owed to you.  Bucky received over $200. A friend received $62.48 from an overdue credit owed to her by ConEd. And one of our coworkers received a whopping check for nearly $900!

We like to lend a helping hand whenever possible and it was nice to reconnect people with their lost dough. Some vendors were making delicious potato poblano tacos, others offered snakeskin printed bracelets and some sold upcycled wallets for an honorable social cause, but we just wanted to give away some free shit.

Surprisingly, it’s not all that easy to give things away for nothing. We had ANIMAL stickers and T-shirts and postcards (see image below) leading users to the Comptroller’s Unclaimed Funds website. But we still had to pitch it. And the people were entertained.

It was a fun, beautiful day at Dekalb and we had a chance to connect with real live actual people outside of the internet.

We’ll keep you posted on our next event.

Photos: Justin Durazzo
Signage: Nate Cepis