Remember, a few weeks back, when Lil Wayne said he doesn’t like New York? How could you forget–since it happened, everyone–from New York politicians to New York rappers–has trotted out an opinion and/or lame diss track about the “controversy.” French Montana is the latest to enter the fold. “I mean if I was to go to New Orleans and catch a gun charge, I think there might be a point in time when I get sick and tired, and be like man I hate New Orleans,” he told MTV’s Rap Fix. “It might not mean I hate the people, it’s that’s what I hate. Sometimes you might be like I hate Jamaican food, I’m not saying I hate Jamaicans. I think it go like that and I think that’s why nobody really got at him yet for saying that.” So, what Busta Rhymes said, basically.

Also–really, French? Nobody’s got at him about it yet? I’ll let State Senator Malcolm Smith speak for himself.