Experimental Tech Art Documentary
Is a Piece of Tech Art

Brooklyn-based artists and creative technologists James George and Jonathan Minard have conceived an entirely new filmmaking tool that harnesses enough potential to alter the cinematic landscape at its core.

The project titled CLOUDS is a documentary that “explores creativity via code.” The documentary focuses on interviews with 30 new media artists, curators, designers, and critics, conducted over the past year, shot entirely using 3D format called RGBD.

RGBD captures subjects by using Microsoft’s X-box Kinect and a DSLR to make new, innovative magic. George and Minard use custom software that allows them to connect the two in order to generate the surreal 3D pixel environment seen above. They are also creating unique code which builds the entire environment within the documentary, as if inside a video game:

We want to present interviews as an infinite conversation. We imagine this working in real time, allowing the viewer to control the camera flying through space, choosing what conceptual threads to follow and who to watch.

CLOUDS is a product of immediate creativity, evolving simultaneously with the new technology as it surfaces. Once completed, the documentary will function as an interactive desktop app, serving as a fully immersive individualized experience for each viewer. The project aims to use code to essentially build and entirely in immersive universe within the program to harbor creative connectivity between the users everywhere.

In the words of its creators, “It’s like people across the planet dreaming together.”

Experience the introduction to the program in the video above and check the Kickstarter.