Gary Taxali on a Coin

01.17.12 Marina Galperina

Canadian currency is on the up and up these days, and now, artist Gary Taxali has collaborated with the Royal Canadian Mint to create “edgy, vintage yet contemporary” coin designs. Look at the happy maple leafs!

The 2012 Taxali gift coin themes are: Birthday, Wedding, Tooth Fairy, New Baby, O Canada, and Holiday, one more delightful than the next, surely. Looks like they’ve got your lives all planned out Canadians, ey? Getting breeding and so forth! Just kidding. Maybe if our commemorative currency had Gary Taxali and the Millennium Falcon on it and not, say, jingoism co-opted New York imagery minted in silver allegedly “recovered from the vaults beneath the ashes of Ground Zero,” we’d get our mojo back. Just sayin’.