As if things couldn’t get any worse for New York City during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there’s a lingering gas shortage making an already difficult recovery effort that much more difficult. The storm not only managed to decimate homes and knock out power to hundreds of thousands of residents, but also damaged much of the gas distribution infrastructure that keeps the supply flowing. In every borough, long lines of cars continue to choke the streets as drivers desperately try to fill up their tanks (or gas cans) with the scant amount of petrol that’s available. To try and help alleviate the Road Warrior-like conditions and free up the NYPD which have been maintaining a presence at many gas stations to keep people from killing each other, Mayor Bloomberg said the city will institute a gas rationing system that alternates availability based on odd and even license plates corresponding with odd and even days. As noted by the New York Times, this extreme measure hasn’t been implemented “since the 1970s,” during that the whole oil embargo crisis. As bad as that was, some good did come out of it: more fuel efficient cars. Perhaps it’s time we get all nostalgic again.