Members of three Brooklyn motorcycle clubs were arrested for firearms trafficking Tuesday after an undercover policeman purchased 41 guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and a functional cast-iron cannon from the groups. According to the Daily News, the cannon was “operational and parked at the front door of the bikers’ lair ready to be fired at infiltrators before it was purchased.” Eight members of the Forbidden Ones, Dirty Ones, and Trouble Makers gangs were charged, though several–including Scott Branigan, 61, and Frank Miranda, 51, were unable to make their arraignment due to medical concerns.

25-year-old Bushwick resident Alex Syner, for one, will be sad to see his leather-clad, gun-smuggling, old-timer neighbors go. “They’re really nice guys,” he said. “They’re really chill. I party with them all the time.”

(Photo: Eric/Flickr)