Check out this brand-new animation by GIF artist Matthew DiVito, better known as Mr. Div, via the Creator’s Project. His trippy, science fiction-inspired GIFs have become like, totally Tumblr-famous, omg. Even Mr. Frank Ocean reblogged him.

All of Mr. Div’s 3D creations have a certain retro-arcade feel to them, as if they just jumped out of an episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power. This particular animation is more like a mini-space opera, and its exploding visuals are complemented by composer Aldo Aréchar’s gorgeous instrumental piece entitled “That Will Be The Day”.

As well a his current status as GIF messiah to the internet, Mr. Div is a graphic designer and game developer. You can try your hand at “ZERO2,” an escape-the-room-type game here.